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Antoine Gerhardt,

Eze (France

Long. 7° 22' E  

Lat. 43° 43' N

Nov. 18 - UT 02:00

Photo details: 20mm lens at F/D 4 in 10mn on Ilford FP4.

"The show started around 1:00 UT with a big fireball low above the sea. The peak started around 1:40 and lasted until 2:45. At the maximum, around 2:00, the meteors came at a rate of about one every two seconds, often in pairs. Orion was showered with them along with Ursa Major to a lesser extent. We lost count after a few hundreds but our estimate was around 1200 - 1800 for the hour of maximum".

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Michel Benvenuto

Eze (France

Long. 7° 22' E  

Lat. 43° 43' N

Nov. 18 - UT 02:05

Photo details: 28mm lens at F/D 4 in 10mn on Kodak 1000.

"Around 2:30 dozens of small meteors appeared in a pinwheel configuration centered on the Lion.
A bright fireball went across Alkaid and left a trail which lasted a few minutes but the biggest event was a blinding fireball around 2:00 UT across Monoceros, green and brighter than the moon it illuminated the landscape and left a cloud which lasted over 30 mn!".

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8 novembre 2003

Copyright Michel Benvenuto & Astro Biniou Club, Nice, France

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